Bass Guitar Playing Techniques You Need to Know

Playing bass guitar has similarities with how to play the guitar, but sometimes playing bass guitar requires harder effort, considering the strings used are also quite thick, compared to guitar strings. Although it seems easy, in doing so is not always the case. To get a pleasant voice, it requires some techniques in playing the bass guitar. Each technique has a unique sound that is issued. In use also depends on the needs. If you need bass guitar buyer’s guide, visit our website right now.

Taken from several sources, here are some bass guitar playing techniques that are commonly used by bass players. At least, for beginners must know it beforehand, before starting to play it step by step.

1. Alternate Picking, basic to play bass

This is the way to play bass most often used by bassists. Actually, alternate picking is a basic way to play this instrument. Simply put, in this technique you are picking bass with two fingers alternately. Commonly used fingers are the index and middle fingers.

2. Picking Style, use pick to play it

This technique requires a tool called pick. Picks are generally used by guitar players, but not infrequently also bass players use them. Its use is the same as the use of pick in guitar playing techniques. The sound produced by this technique tends to be sharper and there is its own uniqueness that produced friction pick and string.

3. Slap, bass slap technique

It’s called slap because this technique is like slapping bass. If you often listen to music from the Red Hot Chili Peppers band, Flea, the band’s bass players often use this technique. The basis of this technique is to hit the bass with the thumb or the palm of the hand so that the sound produced tends to be more like percussion.

4. Tapping, the guitar technique used on bass

Ever see how Jimi Hendrix plays the guitar by only pointing to the fret? Yes, that is called tapping technique. This technique also apparently can be applied to bass. The trick is to press the strings with your fingertips on the bass’s fret. The logic is almost the same as pressing the keyboard button on the computer. But don’t forget, slide your finger slightly like when poking.

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