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Here Are 6 Most Secret Storage Places And You Can Try

Do you have many stuff at home? What is the safest storage place for you that you often rely on to protect your stuff? If you store valuables in 橙色储物箱 you should immediately take it back, because it is not a safe place. Storage space that is often chose as the most guarantee because of its security and secret. But it doesn’t mean that we only can use the space in a room, we can utilize many things and change it as our secret space for storage. Here are some secret storage places that are unique and can be your example!

1. A hidden cabinet under the stairs.
You can keep books, ceramic plates, or rare items that you have here. Besides being safe, you can also make sure that no one else knows about the storage place other than the person who lives in the house.

2. Garages embedded underground which is a very efficient place.
This is very effective if you don’t have the land to make a warehouse. However, you should also pay attention to the drain in the embedded garage so that nothing bad happens when it rains or blizzards.

3. Storage space in ancient books.
You can save money, coins, or secret letters in the ancient book. You can also make your own by slightly modifying ancient books that you don’t want to keep.

4. Storage in the truck.
This storage area you can use for everyday tools that you use frequently. Also, make sure you have complete equipment to make it easier for you if bad things happen to your car on the streets.

5. Safety and storage in the right shoes/sandals.
You can save keys, money, or even jewelry without anyone knowing. This storage area is very helpful, especially if you are in a strange place that you have never visited.

6. Stone in the garden as a key storage area.
Usually, you or your wife keep a house key so you don’t wait for each other when you go home at different times. However, if you are worried about losing the house key elsewhere, you can store it in the rock garden and select it randomly. Also, make sure only you know the position of the stone.