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Get Sense Of Security With Device Protection Service

In the current digital era, smartphone usage seems inseparable from daily activities. The function of a smartphone is no longer just a communication tool, but also as a support to the needs of its users. Starting from work matters, to find information and the latest news. However, as a physical device, smartphone or other gadget is vulnerable to damage or loss. This condition will also make a person unable to be connected and connected. To provide a sense of security and comfort related to smartphone protection, travel company insurance and Risk Insure offer device protection service.

This insurance product provides comprehensive protection for smartphones and other gadgets. Not only that, but this insurance product will also complete the warranty from the smartphone manufacturer. Usually, the warranty from a smartphone manufacturer is only in the form of protection from production defects, such as software or operating system damage. Damage beyond that is not at all covered by the warranty from the smartphone manufacturer. If you accidentally drop your smartphone into a river, or other accident, the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover it. This is where insurance is present. That is why this product is a complement to the smartphone manufacturer’s warranty.

Damage conditions that can be guaranteed by this insurance product have reached a minimum of 75 percent total damage caused by an accident. Besides, the maximum replacement given is equal to the price of coverage. Not only damage, but this insurance product also bears the risk of loss due to theft or robbery. Starting from protection from physical damage, from falling, hitting, cracked screens. Then the damage due to contact with liquids, such as splashing. This product also protects against loss due to theft, robbery, or robbery. Related to the availability of these insurance products, people will be able to protect their smartphones through bundling package options, when they buy a new smartphone. Furthermore, this insurance product can indeed be one of the choices of people who are just buying a new smartphone. This smartphone is an asset to its users. So insurance can be present to protect the assets of smartphone users.