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You Must Avoid These Bad Habits To Preserve Your Smartphone’s Battery

Actually the main cause of smartphone batteries is easily damaged due to the habits of smartphone users who only focus on caring for the physical parts of the smartphone without regard to the conditions in the smartphone, especially batteries. Unfortunately, if your smartphone’s battery is dead, you definitely need to replace it. However, if you want to save more money, we suggest you read Ez battery reconditioning reviews.

Now for those of you who want to keep the smartphone battery durable from now on you should avoid the following habits:

Charging Your Smartphone All Night Long

Are you one of those people who charge their smartphones when going to sleep and just pull them out when they wake up? The habit of charging smartphones like this is often done with the excuse that the smartphone can be used the next day in full condition. Even though it turns out to charge the phone all night and just pulling it out in the morning can damage your favorite smartphone battery. A battery that continues to charge when it’s full will cause the battery to leak or damage. Therefore try to immediately unplug the charger after the mobile battery is fully charged so that the battery can remain durable.

Never Turn Off Your Smartphone

Like humans who need rest, smartphones also need to ‘rest’ by turning off periodically. If the phone is used too often non-stop the battery will feel hot and this is not very good for the battery itself and other components in the smartphone. It is better to turn off your smartphone when you are not using it like when you are sleeping so that the phone’s battery performance can remain stable.

You Use It When It’s Charging

When being charged, it is better if the smartphone is off or not used at all. But in reality, often people still use smartphones when they are being charged, such as chatting, phone calls, and even playing games. Though this habit is not very good for the quality of the handphone battery because when we use a smartphone while it is being charged, the temperature of the handphone will increase and will damage the cells contained in the smartphone battery.