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People Need To Realize The Existence Of Negative Energy

Many people may have difficulty believing that the energy of others might be stored in physical space. Many people also have difficulty believing that the vibrations we are talking about are very real. However, the energy is real. As humans, we are energy beings and we continue to absorb and release energy. Continuously, even when we sleep. It’s natural that the energy we provide will affect the surrounding environment. That is why I say that I or we can feel the vibrations of a room not so good, or you feel that a certain room is very cheerful and pleasant. Every physical space has an energy footprint from the previous owner and current user. If someone spends 8-10 hours every day, emitting dissatisfied emotions in the cubicle, the cubicle will become a source of negative energy. And when he leaves and the next person occupies the room, that negative energy will affect this person too. It can come from various sources, and it might come from black magic too.

As important as your office, you might also want to turn your attention to your home, because the home can also store a lot of negative energy. Your home can also be affected by negative energy. It could be from a family that moved 20-30 years ago before you lived. It could be from a year ago when your marriage was having a hard time or you did not work well. Just because we can’t see all this energy, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Nobody questions kinetic energy or potential energy, right?

The only way we know about the science of energy sanctified versions is the effect they have which is stuck on other objects. We never see the energy itself, we see it in the form of action. But then, if you are careful, you will realize that you can see the effects of energy caused by human emotions too. As mentioned before, sometimes when you walk in your room you suddenly feel all happy and your spirit is lifted up, and that’s because the room has positive energy or vibration, and vice versa.