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Magic And Perception

The greatest thing a gold coast magician learns is not hand speed, not an abracadabra spell, or performing certain rituals. The biggest thing learned by magicians is the psychology of magicians, namely the way people think, the way humans see things. After learning how humans think, magicians will move or talk in a certain way to cause a perception in the minds of the audience. This perception is the most important in the magic show. In marketing there is a very popular term, namely “perception is more important than reality”.

In this age of progress, where information is no longer an expensive item, humans are proud of the progress that has been made. But in terms of magicians, the achievements in modern civilization bring a lot of weaknesses that have been and will continue to be used by magicians to entertain others. Information that is spread quickly and reaches all corners makes the majority of people think or look at things with more focus on public agreements, or arguably more narrowly. It is as if we don’t have time to think differently. We are more controlled by public perception than our perception.

In young children, perceptions have not formed much, and playing magic in front of small children is more difficult than in the presence of adults. Small children see things as they are, whereas adults have perceptions that are stuck in their minds. It cannot be denied, the influence of the media has a large role in shaping human perception. Mystery films, soap operas, news and a myriad of advertisements flood our heads and create a uniform perception of many things. There is nothing wrong in assessing, evaluating or looking at events that are before us. But this is what magicians learn. They do things that are outside the habits of human thought, or in other languages “think out of the box”, so it is difficult to be captured by those whose way of thinking goes with the mainstream. The next step to finding out the magic secret is to think differently, don’t think like an ordinary person.