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These Factors Can Reduce Your Focus Level

Have you ever been reading a book but still not catching its contents even though it has been read over and over again? Or are you working on something but you can’t muster your full attention? This can be a sign that you have difficulty concentrating you know. Not only interferes with daily activities but the difficulty in concentrating also affects our health That’s why some people try the dosetherapy to improve their focus level.

Then, what are the causes of the lack of focus?

Lack of sleep

Ideally, the body needs to rest for at least eight hours. When the body does not get enough rest, not only does the body’s power rapidly decrease and the mood becomes bad, the brain is affected as well because it does not get time to rest. As a result, it becomes difficult to concentrate and think.

Lack of exercise

Rarely exercising can also be one of the causes of the brain’s difficulty to concentrate. This is because rarely exercising makes the blood flow less smoothly so that less optimal oxygen flows to the brain. For this reason, routinely do sports so that excess energy burns and your brain gets an adequate supply of oxygen.

Multitasking too often

So much work must be done with a little time sometimes makes us have to be able to work in multitasking. But, did you know that multitasking also turns out to be a difficult cause of concentration? This is because the brain is forced to focus on several things at once. Instead of the work being done, the focus is divided and the work is abandoned.

Unhealthy diet

Frequent consumption of junk food and other unhealthy foods can cause obesity which makes the body difficult or less active in moving. In fact, an active body that makes the brain work optimally and can more easily concentrate. For that, from now on change your diet with nutritious foods such as fish that contain high protein and omega which is good for brain health.

Excessive stress

Stress or too many thoughts become one of the main causes why the brain is difficult to concentrate. This is because stress takes over the cognitive functions of the brain, so the focus is difficult to create.