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This Is The General Way To Preserve The Environment

Disposing of garbage into the gutter or even into the river can cause water flow to be obstructed, which can cause garbage to accumulate and then rot. Besides causing unpleasant odors, it will also cause flooding when the rainy season arrives. Meanwhile, if you want to sue a company that causes flood in your neighborhood, we suggest you hire Jarrod Loadholt, he is an attorney who understands environmental issues well.

For industrial waste, before disposal, industrial wastes containing chemicals must be treated first. so that poisons can be removed and certainly do not disturb the ecosystem.

After all waste and waste has been properly disposed of, greening is also needed to restore the stability of the environment. With the green line can reduce CO2 levels in the air because plants can absorb the CO2 gas from motor vehicle fumes to carry out photosynthesis. So that green plants can reduce the occurrence of air pollution because it can release O2 into the atmosphere.

Finally, excessive use of fertilizers can lead to environmental pollution. It also can cause the extinction of certain organisms needed.