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4 Important Tips To Do Before Sports Running

Running is a sport that is loved by many people because besides being able to be done anywhere, it does not require a lot of money. Running has many benefits such as improving health, improving blood flow and increasing body fitness. However, if we run without preparation, we can get injuries, especially in the leg muscles. To overcome this, the knee specialist los angeles can help treat injuries that occur due to sports activities knee specialist los angeles.

Exercising can help weight loss efforts by exercising at least 3 times a week for a total time of about 60-90 minutes. For beginners, running can be started with a duration of about 10 minutes per day. Then increase gradually. Summarized from several sources, before starting to run it would be better to pay attention to the important tips before exercising the following:

Avoid Eating Too Much Before Running
A person definitely needs the energy to exercise. One way to get energy is to eat foods that contain carbohydrates. But eating large amounts of food is certainly not the right course of action.
When running, the digestive process will run slowly and blood flow into the gastrointestinal (GI) system is diverted to the muscles to exercise. So food cannot be digested normally and can cause cramps.

Warming up and cooling down
Before doing sports, you should warm up first. Warming up is useful for bringing the heart rate from slow speed to the exercise heart rate.

Warming up is more focused on the muscles of the lower body (legs) that are used for running. After doing sports, you should immediately do the cooling and stretching again to reduce soreness, reduce the risk of injury, and increase flexibility.

Recognize the Crossing Before Running
Before running, recognizing the track is a must-do. This is done to anticipate everything. Like finding out the terrain to be traversed, whether uphill, downhill, winding or slippery.

Don’t Be Lacking or Excessive Drinking
Make sure the body is well hydrated before running. If you are going to run for more than 45 minutes, you should prepare a drink bottle to keep your body hydrated while running.

Excessive drinking when running is also not recommended. When drinking too much before running, the movement will slow down. Running will also feel uncomfortable because of the bloating in the stomach.