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10 Ways To Make A French Home Decor

France is always associated with things that are romantic, classic, beautiful, and seem expensive. And of course, many people want to live there. However, for you woodstock painters, you don’t need to bother going to Paris because you can make Parisian home decor. How can?

In order to design Parisian home decor, you have to remember you don’t need to buy a lot of furniture from France because you can create it yourself at home.

1. Choose Old Furniture

Old furniture can present a French feel. The older the age of a piece of furniture or object, the better it will be because it has a value that is worth maintaining. These vintage items can give a distinct impression.

2. Placement of Stairs

French-style decorations usually use a ladder to connect media between floors. These stairs can also provide a touch of beautiful decoration with classic carvings.

3. Enough Sunlight

In order to give the impression of French style, you should maximize the incoming sunlight in each room because homes in Paris utilize natural light as a living room atmosphere.

4. Floors and Walls

We recommend that you install wood floors and paint elegant white walls. In addition, you can also bring a sofa that has a sweet beige color with the atmosphere of the room.

5. Ornamental Plants

So that every corner of the room is fresher, you can put ornamental plants and cut flowers for accessories.

6. Home page

For the yard of his house can plant a variety of fruit trees in order to increase the appeal of the French style that is applied.

7. Bring Up Yourself Character

Besides promoting the above elements, you can add various other things according to your character. Show the imagination and creativity you have in decorating the house.

8. Unique Imperfections

The French do not replace stained leather chairs. Also, ignoring bent wood floors, the result is that home decor will look more alive.

9. Apply Formal and Casual Style

Formal or casual? Just combine the two, provided it is balanced and fit. You can get a comfortable room and stay pleasant.

10. Don’t be Monotonous

Future designs rely on an electric and maximal mixture. So the best time to adopt the essence of French-style room decor is now.