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Choose Saw According To The Class

Chainsaws are one of the must-have technical tools at home. Sometimes we pay attention to the builder working using several different forms of work. Each of these works has a different function than to cut. However, saws are tools used for cutting purposes. Generally, all houses must have saws. You could use saw to cut wood or even metal. To simplify and save labor, of course, chainsaws are the right choice. With a chainsaw, productivity can be increased and the work done is more effective and efficient. The use of a chainsaw can also produce pieces that cannot be worked out using a handsaw. It is important to know how to choose a saw in class and visit sawdigest.

In the field of a chainsaw, the application is divided into household, semi-professional and professional. The first type of saws have the lowest power (up to 2 kW) and can be used no more than 45-50 minutes per day. They are equipped with low-profile cutting blades, which reduce vibration levels during operation. The household saw is comfortable, has a relatively low weight and can handle most tasks that occur periodically in the suburbs (harvest firewood, prune trees, etc.).

Semi-professional equipment is equipped with more powerful machines (2-3 kW), which allows it to be used not only for economic purposes but also in construction and logging. Semi-professional saws can continue to operate every day for up to 10 hours, but no more than 200 hours per month, otherwise they will fail quickly. Weigh such a device around 5.5 kg. This class saw is the best choice if you need to build a house where you need to produce a lot of work on wood (floors, framing, etc.).

Professional equipment is equipped with the most powerful engine (3-6 kW), capable of working more than 200 hours per month. Saws like this perfectly overcome logging operations, they can see thick trees. However, for household tasks, the tool is not recommended for purchase, because it has a high price, a significant weight (more than 6 kg) and a high vibration level. Therefore, if you need to choose a saw for your home, then don’t pay more for unnecessary power and choose the household type.