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How To Clean Tiles After House Renovation

Renovating a house can be an achievement for you. Parts of the house that were damaged or lacking in aesthetics were repaired again until they functioned and according to taste. But one thing that can’t be avoided is chaos after the house is completely renovated. Especially dust that has piled up everywhere — including the floor. If the dirt and dust not cleaned immediately it could make the tiles look dull and even form a crust that could only be removed by a professional like Tile Cleaning North Shore check this.

Put the top and sides first. The principle when cleaning a house is, start from the top first. For example dust on the ceiling needs to be cleaned first with a broom. Then move to the side (sides) like walls and glass. Use a feather duster and continue with a cloth. The reason to start the process of cleaning the house from the top and sides is so that the dust and dirt that you fall on the floor so you can clean it at once when cleaning the floor later.

Remove dust from the floor. Use a vacuum cleaner to reach underneath the narrow and difficult to reach with a broom. As for the visible floor, you can use a broom, as usual, to get rid of dust. Next prepare a bucket of water and a mop. Mix anti-bacterial floor cleaning products into a bucket of water and house floor mops as usual. You can repeat this process twice if the dust is very thick. Move to the bathroom. If the renovated part of the bathroom, then get rid of the remaining material. Then use a dishwashing sponge to clean the sink and bathroom wall. As for the floor, you can use a brush. Mix cleaning carbolic products with fragrance when cleaning it so that germs die and the bathroom is odor-free.

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