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How To Clean Stains On Tiles

Many do not yet know how to clean the dried cement stains on the tile floor. The cement that dries on the floor is often a problem for many people because it is very difficult to clean. Cement stains on the floor can make tiles feel rough and uncomfortable when stepped on. Besides, it can also reduce its beauty. That is why you need to use tile cleaning north shore service to get rid of the stain quickly and without a hassle. However, you could try these methods to try to clean the stain from tiles with best dry extraction carpet cleaning.

The stains of dried cement dirt that stick to the floor can be cleaned if we know how to clean rough tiles. Cement is indeed easy to clean when it just sticks to the tile and is still wet. But after drying it will be very difficult and requires special tricks to clean it. Remnants of cement just stuck to the floor can be easily cleaned using water and a mop. If indeed it has begun to harden and can use the help of a broom to rub it clean. How to clean the remaining cement on the floor must be done as soon as possible. Do not let the cement dry out because it will become difficult to clean.

Vinegar solution has a good ability to remove stains on the tile floor. You just need to pour vinegar into the ceramic parts that have dried cement stains. Allow the vinegar for a few moments to allow interaction between the solution and the cement. If you feel the cement has begun to peel or lift immediately rinse or clean using a mop and broom. Or you could use the HCL solution. The HCL solution is put into a bucket that has been filled with water. Don’t add too much hydrochloric acid, preferably only a few tablespoons. If it is too much, it is feared the solution will become too acidic and can damage the grout. Use a small brush to apply the HCL liquid to the part where the cement stain dries. For maximum results, leave it for a few moments and then it can be cleaned by rubbing using a brush or coconut fiber.

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