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The Range Rover Evoque Resembles A Car From The Future

When you occupy and enter the interior of a Range Rover Evoque, you will immediately be brought into the future. Yes, this car has a truly luxurious and sophisticated interior design. The instrument screen in the middle can go up and down when activated. The instrument panel also displays digital information that truly illustrates the true luxury. Not finished there. At the bottom of the middle of the screen, there is a setting screen which is also a touch screen. The size is large, luxurious and sophisticated. Gosh, this is truly like a car of the future! If you want to rent it, we recommend you to rent it from a trusted range rover hire company.

Are there any more strange buttons in this car? Yes, there are. The steering wheel of the car also has a touchable adjustment button. If the steering wheel is usually made of rubber, the difference is made of the black piano. It’s luxurious, cool and sophisticated.

Because this car is really as sophisticated and cool as that, the levers and buttons in the cabin are designed ergonomically which is easy to operate. That allows the driver to control various technologies through the Touch Pro Duo. Click & Go tablet holder with charging capabilities, 4G WiFi hotspot, and six USB slots found throughout the cabin.

Do not doubt the features found in this car. Because this car has so many features! Really a lot of the point is proportional to the price to be incurred. The main feature echoed by the Range Rover is the LED Headlight Matrix. This main light is able to provide maximum illumination at night. In addition, the resulting irradiance can adjust to road conditions without having to make other motorists glare. The car will adjust the visibility to the car in front without dazzling the driver in front.

Moving to the Head Unit, this car has a Head Unit that is very cool and sophisticated. If turned on, the Head Unit will come up to the top. Then when the Head Unit is turned off it will go inside the flat with the dashboard. The touch screen head unit is equipped with various interesting features. Starting from Bluetooth, WiFi, maps, to various settings. This system combines two high-resolution (High Definition / HD) screen sizes of 10 inches.